Hi, Thanks for taking your time to check upon me. It’s really nice to see a Sherlock stumbling upon my small world. Spoiler Alert, It’s long and actually really long. But, Trust me, It’s really interesting and I really appreciate you for taking out your valuable time.

About Me

My name is Suresh Kumar and I’m the creator of this website called ‘Curious Steve’ named after my idol Steve Jobs.  I’m a Tech-Enthusiast who loves gadgets & technology to its core. My love towards technology was all started when I first saw the ‘CD'(The Compact Disc) in my high school. It intrigued me a lot and then comes my favorite Uncle’s old PC which has a TFT monitor equipped with 2 GB RAM & 80 GB Hard disk. It made my childhood absolutely awesome. My love towards that machine is truly magical and unforgettable. Every technical term that I knew today came up to me just because of that tiny little machine which I used to think as a Super Computer. Software, Gaming, Themes, Media Storage, Processor & even the Virus they became my subjects.

Fast forward 15 Years later, I became a geek and popular among my peers with the mighty tech knowledge gained from my little PC. While others struggling to rename a file & changing the wallpapers, I on the other side started formatting and installing the operating systems one after another. It really paved my way towards an interesting life. Technology never really  bores me & even if it bores me, I can either upgrade or just change it to a whole new thing.

The Idea Behind Curious Steve

This website came out of my passion towards writing & technology mixed up with the abilities that I’ve learned so far from my education. My CSE background and the internships that I’ve done in various blogging platforms helped me so much in building this website. Writing the things that I know & Hustling around the code to improve the SEO of my website made me to cope with the depressive stage of my life. The idea of having a website of mine and improving it acted as a stellar resource for my diversion. I’m not against the infamous 9 to 5 ideology, but having a workplace where you can work anytime, anywhere not abiding to the rules really is something that only some people get to have and that idea made me to choose Blogging & Youtube as my career choice.

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